Wonderful Job Offer

Just another weird-ass thing I got in my email:

Dear, [Name]


Our establishment is deslighted to offer you the capacity of Secret Shopper in Xxxxxxx Bsiness LLC after laying hands on your resume at CareerBuilder online. Our HR department did its best to scrutinize your resume and remained to be pleased. We rely that your knowledge will be among our most valuable assets.

Necessary Criteria for being employed:

  1. Age: older than 27
  2. Internet access
  3. 3-5 hours of free time every day for taking your professional assignments
  4. Certtificate of no criminal record

Job Benefits:

As it goes, Secret Shopper is an ideal way for collaborators to earn revenue in the process of providing feedback, making comments, making of, commenting out to corporation. This is a real potential for you to get to the top of the career delighting in things you like above all. For instance, one may enjoy meal in restaurant or buy things in supermarkets reveling in life and assisting establishment at the same time.


Your every month salary may come to $1,500-2,000.

Time Limitation of the Position:

On account of the great amount of designees for this job, this capacity is time-bound. So, it is strongly recommended for you to give us the necessary information about yourself ASAP.

To become the member of our establishment:

  1. Please go to our site: Xxxxx Business LLC
  2. Register yoursel
  3. Download, read browse accurately a agreement and underwrite it in a mandatory way. In Accepting this job offer, you certify that your job will be on at-will basis and abandon any claims against Xxxxxxx Bsiness LLC and its team.

About Light Business LLC:

Our corporation is involved in cooperation with other companies to make better grade on an international scale by applying anonymous resources. We deal alongside with over 300 corporations internationally. Our main work includes marketing and cooperation with merchandising firms, private investigation companies, training organizations and other organizations that are engaged in Ghost Shopping services. Our member businesses cooperate with their customers in order to fix the medium of improving level of facilities.

Regards Faithfully

For the record, I did not follow up on the once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe I should have.

I am remained to be amused.


Author: Rick

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