Twitter Detritus (09-10)

Here is September’s dosage of mental flotsam and jetsam in chewable, easy-to-swallow, tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – Good hot yoga class. This looks like it will be a great Yoga Month.
  • 02 – (From the past) After 5 years I discovered that the Gates of Hell were not locked and I had always been free to leave. So I left.
  • 04 – Great yoga class this morning, refreshingly different.
  • 05 – RT @All_Nudist: RT @NYNudist: A great day to be nude. Retweet if you like just being naked.
  • 08 – Enduring the inconvenience of clothing for the comfort of others.
  • 09 – Thinking the universe owes me a lottery win. Money can’t buy happiness but it can remove a lot of obstacles to it.
  • 12 – Good yoga class this morning. Now at home enjoying some T.N. and seriously thinking about lunch.
  • 12 – @All_Nudist: Pulled my stuff from SB a long time ago. Not to say they don’t have copies. Every pic they had is on my blog anyway.
  • 12 – Still enjoying my T. N. and now giving serious consideration to what I’ll fix myself for dinner. What leftovers can I correctly identify?
  • 13 – Ugh, Monday again. Back to the grind. Am I going north next weekend? I don’t know yet.
  • 13 – RT @spoiledyogi: All things in life are temporary… It’s a comforting thought on a Monday morning. [Yes, it is. Thanks!]
  • 16 – Someone is skinning mice at work and leaving them there. Should I call PETA? I’m tired of replacing them.
  • 16 – Enjoying some T. N. this evening. Will I enjoy it so much I skip my yoga class? Doubt they’d let me do it in that state.
  • 16 – Really good yoga class tonight, working at my edge. The edge moved out a bit in a few poses, feeling accomplished without attachment.
  • 20 – First hot yoga class in a while. I sort of missed the heat.
  • 21 – RT @yogadork: RT @veganyogini: @SarahKohl @yogadork @ashdyogi I like to say that I’m not changing, I’m becoming me.
  • 23 – Good yoga practice tonight. I’m thanking my body for carrying me through it with a slice of banana cream pie. Om nom nom (new mantra?)
  • 25 – Jar lid said “Easy to Open” Had to use a strap wrench on it. Should not have to reach into the toolbox to cook.
  • 26 – Enjoyed this morning’s Bhakti Vinyasa Project at Sri Yoga. Always great to see Luna, Joshua and Katie.
  • 27 – Almost didn’t go to hot yoga tonight. Glad I did though. It was a good class and I really needed it.
  • 28 – Didn’t accomplish much at work today but it’s okay, I’m cool with it. Not to say I didn’t get anything done, it just wasn’t work.
  • 28 – Restorative yoga tonight. Lots of props, plenty of support, zero effort and so very relaxing. Need that once in a while.
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