I’m not a fan of Bubba the Lovesponge (or any other radio talk jock) but his rant yesterday morning about the “pussification” of America struck a chord with me. Are we a nation of pussies, a people who would rather be victims and run crying like spoiled children to some authority figure to solve our problems for us rather than deal with them ourselves?

Political correctness (PC) is a disease of epidemic proportions, affecting nearly everyone. We have become so over-sensitized to the slightest offense that even the grand efforts we take to not offend are themselves offensive. There is, however, a cure — develop a tougher skin and grow a pair of testicles. (You can do it, ladies.)

Whenever we invoke our personal choice to be offended, we don’t hesitate to whip out the victim card and play it, demanding that those who have offended us be summarily punished and that the offended be monetarily compensated. We publicly wave our victim flag, shouting, “Look at me! I’m a victim. Compensate me. Make somebody pay.” Of course, the solutions provided by the authorities are always unsatisfactory and make everyone a victim, yet we keep asking them to run interference for us.

Everyone wants all the good stuff they “deserve” — a nice car, a fast computer, good credit, a low-interest loan, or  whatever, but no one wants to earn these things. We want instant gratification in all things, even instant salvation from our religions. The world, the universe, God doesn’t owe you anything except that which you have earned. There is no free ride, there never has been and there never will be. Everything we get, deserved or not, has a price and it has to be paid.

In summary:

  • To be offended or annoyed is a personal choice. No one can offend or annoy you unless you allow it.
  • Solutions handed down to us are much less satisfactory than the ones we find ourselves.
  • The world, the universe, God owes us nothing except that which we’ve earned.
  • There is no free ride, never has been, never will be. Everything has a price which must be paid.
  • PC can be cured by developing a tougher skin and growing a pair of cojones.

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.