I probably shouldn’t watch television, it’s bubble gum for the mind. Just the same, it is interesting to observe, and often elicite chance WTF moments.

  • On an ED ad (any ED ad): Once a man reaches the age of 45, he’s already had the best sex of his life. It won’t happen again. It’s over. Get over it.
  • On UFOs and extraterrestrials: The words “We’re from another planet and we’re here to help you.” should send up a red flag. Cultures, races, civilizations and species that perceive themselves as superior are generally predisposed to subjugate, enslave, or annihilate those they perceive as less advanced. We’re still here.
  • On Pillow Pets: As a child I had a pillow pet. It was a boxer named Chris. A pet is a living creature upon which you lavish love and affection and it returns that love. No pillow, battery operated gizmo or conglomeration of pixels can love you back or return affection. Interacting with inanimate objects and virtual worlds has replaced interacting with live beings.
  • On testosterone-based programming: There are too many programs targeting the NASCAR demographic on the more “educational” networks. Too many fishing shows, too many shows about cars and motorcycles, too much testosterone in general.
  • On being a nudist living among textiles: Enduring the inconvenience of clothing for the comfort of others. Okay, nothing to do with television although I think there should be more casual, non-sexual nudity on TV. Actually, there generally needs to be a lot more casual, non-sexual nudity in our lives.

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.