Learn something new

In this age of the Internet, smart phones and global satellite communications we can be notified instantly of any event happening anywhere in the world the moment it happens. We have access to untold volumes of information, ideas and accumulated knowledge through our computers. Yet this immediate global access has not made us any wiser or more enlightened. The average person uses this powerful tool mainly for trivial matters.

Governments and the popular media attempt to manipulate news and information that passes through them, molding reality to fit various and sundry political agendas. Some even attempt to filter the information to which we may access so that opinions and data contrary to those agendas might not be disseminated within their spheres of influence. Far too many people with the ability to access new information, new ideas, and different viewpoints choose to seek out and disseminate only information, ideas and viewpoints that correspond to or reinforce their narrow views and beliefs.

Much of the potential of the Information Age to educate, enlighten and benefit mankind is wasted. Instead people use it to spread ignorance, fear and hate. The uncontrolled flow of information and ideas on a global scale is a serious threat to governments, corporations and religions because it undermines their power. They depend on peoples’ fear and ignorance for their power and their very existence.

Each day we should try to learn something new or consider a different point of view and seek to understand this new bit of knowledge. You can probably do it while you’re updating your Facebook status.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.