I have many different kinds of friends. I have friends with whom I’ve shared a common bond of service, friends I’ve known from childhood, friends I’ve worked with, and friends with whom I share common interests. Some of these friendships I’ve maintained for decades, some I’ve recently renewed after many years. Some friends are people I have yet to meet in person. Some are related to me, both close and distant relatives, many of whom I only know through online networking and correspondence.

Many of these friends come together in the virtual world of Facebook. They all share the common link of being in my Friends List, even though many do not share mutual friendships. Within Facebook, I have them segregated into different groups base on my relationship to each.

Sometimes it’s interesting to see the reactions and comments I receive to comments I make on my Wall since my comments, which may be meant for a certain group of friends, are generally seen by all. Sometimes I get comments from people outside of the intended group who don’t necessarily share the common bonds I have with the intended recipients.

There are times when I feel that perhaps I should consider how everyone in my list will view or interpret what I say, that I should edit my words beforehand, censor myself as it were. I gave that some serious thought today and I decided that I would not compromise my integrity. My “friends” will have to accept me as I am. To be anything other than who I am or to attempt to appease everyone is wrong.

People will just have to accept that I am a computer geek with Luddite tendencies who practices yoga and naturism, leans slightly towards Buddhism in his religious ideas, tends to be a bit of a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist in his politics and has a variety of interests, opinions and viewpoints that may not be shared by everyone.

Indeed, some of my friends may vehemently disagree with my religious, political and philosophical views and I certainly respect their right to disagree. I would hope that they respect my right to have my ideas and beliefs. I only believe what I myself have tested and judged to be true but I’m open to other possibilities.

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Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.