Twitter Detritus (07-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in chewable, easy-to-swallow, tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – 169 lbs today. 46 lbs lost. Need new pants.
  • 02 – saw this actual help desk ticket today at work: “user states that her monitor is not working when her laptop is not docked…”
  • 03 – What part of “1st Saturday of the month” doesn’t the city of Huber Heights understand? It’s their schedule. Don’t they have calendars?
  • 05 – RT @spoiledyogi: Love this! 🙂 RT @hadleypollet Today, I’m cultivating sacred space in the pigsty — Out with the oinks in with the oms.
  • 08 – Looking forward to fun in the sun on Saturday at Cedar Trails. Should be very relaxing. Bringing plenty of sunscreen.
  • 09 – Made it through 1st yoga class in 2 weeks. No pain, pulled muscle seems to have heeled well. Abi seemed to have balance problems.
  • 10 – 1 of 111 skinnydippers in Cedar Trails’ 20×40 pool this afternoon and there was room for more.
  • 10 – Finished reading the Yoga Sutras. “It is the mind that does all Yoga practice, not the real you.”
  • 11 – Tried my hand at painting nails this afternoon. Apparently, I did a good job, the client was pleased.
  • 13 – Help desk ticket: reporting she has 2 pc’s not working, [pc in] 6536 is giving a “funky error”
  • 14 – 1st hot yoga class since going to the ER. It was a good practice though I did find myself going to Child’s Pose to rest once.
  • 16 – What good is a camera phone if there is no apparent way to get the photo to a device where I can do something with it?
  • 17 – Up late rearranging my network/server stuff. Retired Web server, Will retire W2K servers once I get a Linux server up and configured.
  • 18 – Good yoga class this morning. It felt good.
  • 18 – Began reading “Light on Life” by B.k.S. Iyengar. Looks to be a good read.
  • 19 – Time to get dressed so I can go out and coexist with the repressive society.
  • 19 – Email from the office of Rep John Boehner in my junk mail folder. Should that mean anything?
  • 19 – My foot may never reach the opposite armpit and I’m OK with that. Just the same, I have arm balance envy.
  • 22 – is feeling kind of noncommittal this morning. I guess I’ll go to work and benefit society in some small way.
  • 23 – RT @yisforyogini: the real Guru is within.
  • 23 – better put some clothes on and integrate with “polite” society. The sacrifices one makes to earn a living.
  • 23 – Fixed my laptop. Now have indicator LEDs & all USB ports. 1 screw left over & touch pad not working but I can live with those for now.
  • 24 – Updated pages on the MojoNude Blog, adding a couple of pictures I took this morning and editing some content.
  • 24 – Intermediate yoga kicked my ass, chewed it up and spat it out again. First intermediate class in quite a while. I know what needs to be done.
  • 25 – Made a little private retreat in the backyard. All I need now is a pool.
  • 27 – That extra 30 minutes of sleep is bliss but it comes at a price.
  • 27 – Practicing non-attachment – cleared out a truck load of old computer stuff. Letting go
  • 28 – Donated the truckload of computer stuff to a non-profit recycler. No cost, warm fuzzy and a tax deduction.
  • 30 – My parts should be here today. I’ll be in geek heaven this weekend.

Author: Rick

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