Cars and Freedom

I saw a commercial on TV yesterday showing George Washington and his soldiers charging a British firing line while driving muscle cars. The tagline was “Two things we got right — cars and freedom.”

Bullshit! We don’t have either of them right, we are not even close.

Overall, Japanese and European cars are superior to ours and most Europeans enjoy much greater personal freedom than we do. If our cars are so great, then why did the government feel the need to bail out Chrysler and General Motors? American cars are big and haul ass on a straightaway but generally, imports are more fuel efficient, better engineered, and better handling.

And if we got freedom right, why is the government regulating damned near every aspect of our lives? Hell, we are constantly asking the government to step in to handle our differences and to protect us from anything that might offend or annoy us. In the world ranking of nations with the most personal freedom, we are not even in the top 20.

We talk a lot about freedom but the idea of real freedom scares the shit out of most Americans, particularly those who hold any kind of power over people. The concepts of freedom espoused by our own founding fathers are too radical and frightening to the average American.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.