Twitter Detritus (06-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in chewable, easy-to-swallow, tweet-sized bites:

  • 03 – Should be a fun day. Half the staff is out and I’m getting a root canal. The fun never ends.
  • 03 – Finished reading “Samadhi Pada”. Won’t claim to understand it all but many ideas I held before yoga became more clear and better defined.
  • 05 – Broke a crown this morning whilst eating my toast. May have been the one that just had the root canal. Argh!
  • 06 – Watched Alice in Wonderland last night. Enjoyed it. Yellowbeard and Dogma today. Good movies too.
  • 06 – Some tempus nudus this afternoon. So free, so comfortable, so relaxing.
  • 08 – Pain that has not yet come is avoidable. ~ The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, II.16
  • 10 – Very good hot yoga class with Courtney last night. Good pace and flow, very sweaty but not tiring. Savasana came too soon.
  • 10 – Re: last tweet. I was referring strictly to the yoga practice. Nothing else implied, inferred or intended.
  • 10 – Saw a “NOBAMA” bumpersticker. What’s this guy got against Alabama?
  • 12 – Good yoga class this morning. Substitute teacher which always makes it interesting. Sorry, can’t get my shoulder under my knee yet.
  • 13 – Boring details of my life today: yoga, lunch, haircut, shopping, laundry, history lesson to granddaughter, home, dinner, reading. and so on.
  • 13 – Awaiting Mama’s return. It’s been a long weekend without her.
  • 14 – Seriously considering turning in early tonight, just to see what it’s like to get 6 hours of sleep.
  • 15 – Touchdown Jesus destroyed by an act of God. Oh, the irony! 16,000 lbs of Styrofoam around a 60-ft tall lightning rod. What’d ya expect?
  • 17 – Today’s mystery: All of my clean underwear has disappeared. Underpants gnomes? What will I do if I get in an accident?
  • 18 – Mystery remains unsolved. Found a pair the underpants gnomes missed. (“Take underpants, make profit.”)
  • 18 – Mower has been running great but tonight, no joy. Hoping it’s something as simple as an air filter. With me, it’s never that simple.
  • 19 – Picked up and installed new washer. Ran a couple loads while I read the instructions.
  • 20 – New underpants for Father’s Day! Nothing lacy but still quite functional. Thanks Honeyko.
  • 22 – Another day of wearing pants. Looking forward to Saturday.
  • 24 – So tired this morning. Yoga tonight? It may depend on my hip. Listening to my body and it’s saying, “Ouch!”
  • 25 – Finished Sadhana Pada in the Yoga Sutras. Good stuff.
  • 25 – Looking forward to visiting Dad this weekend as well as side trip to Westfield and SDF. Relaxation, meditation and tempus nudus.
  • 27 – Had a great weekend. Spent some quality time with Dad. Also freehiked Chautauqua Gorge on Saturday – great fun.
  • 30 – Late start this morning, an hour after I should have gotten up. I hate being in a rush.
  • 30 – Pulled muscle is feeling much better today, just the usual aches and pains. Planning on yoga with Abigail tomorrow. I’ve missed my practice.

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.