Morning Radio Wasteland

About the only time I listen to the radio is while driving and, on my morning commute, I’m generally unimpressed by what’s coming out of my speakers. I often find it annoying and sometimes downright irritating.

For instance, there’s the The Bob and Tom Show. I used to enjoy listening but some mornings I just can’t tolerate it. It’s the same schtick they’ve been doing for years and it’s getting very stale. Tom Griswold’s rants are getting tiresome. Why do they have to ruin every parody and humorous song with the laugh track? I also can’t stand it when people laugh at their own jokes. If a bit is funny, I’ll know it. I don’t need to be told. If you have to tell people something is funny, then it probably isn’t.

On another station, there’s Bubba the Lovesponge (sounds like a feminine hygiene product). He sounds just like every other talk jock on the radio. I honestly can’t tell them apart either by their voices or their opinions. I’m certain they only exist to piss people off with their ranting and raving about what’s wrong with the world. They got plenty of opinions but no answers. They continually spew their ignorance and bigotry over the airwaves. Anyone who presents an opinion counter to theirs is ridiculed and dismissed as a a commie liberal asshole. If they do any fact checking it’s only for facts that support their biased opinions. I don’t see that talk jocks contribute anything worthwhile to society.

Then there are the commercials. I know advertising is necessary to pay the bills but why do they insist on trying to obtain my patronage by insulting and annoying me?

So many radio and television ads spread the mantra “It’s not your fault.” It’s not your fault you’re fat. It’s not your fault that you’re up to your eyeballs in debt and can’t get a loan. It’s not your fault your life sucks. If it’s not your fault, then who’s fault is it? It’s been my general observation that if your life is totally fucked up, there’s only one person you can blame. Who is that? you ask. If you don’t know, take a look in the mirror.

A lot of ads promise people that they can get the credit, the loan, the car, the computer, etc. that they “deserve.” What kind of bullshit is that? Who told you that you deserved anything? I’ve got some bad news for you. The world doesn’t owe you a fucking thing. If you think the world owes you something then all you deserve is a kick in the ass. If you think you really deserve something, then you need to get off your fat, lazy ass and work for it. It’s a time-honored traditions that has worked for millions of people for thousands of generations. Try it sometime, it may help you appreciate what you do have..

People, it’s time to pull your heads out of your asses and face reality. I don’t mean some kind of contrived television show reality but real life. In the real world, you have to adapt to reality, it doesn’t adapt to you.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

4 thoughts on “Morning Radio Wasteland”

  1. …Just change the channel , I have listened to Bob & Tom since 1994 . I am retired now and I still listen to them every day and watch their WGN TV show every night. I find them very funny. Since you have brought it up , I have read several articles about B&T laugh tracks AND the laughing at their own jokes, maybe I am just used to it , but there does seem to be a trend … GOOD DAY or GOOD NIGHT !


  2. I do change the station but Dayton radio is, as far as I’m concerned, a wasteland. I’ve always disliked it when people laugh at their own jokes. Laugh tracks on most comedy shows on TV also annoy me.

    I’ve listened to B&T for years but I guess they’re losing their appeal (to me). Nothing against them, it’s probably just that my tastes have changed.


  3. "Doesn’t all Radio Jocks do that? I mean laugh at their own jokes and pathetically try to be witty and funny and fail at both? lol. I say, change station, or put on that old record and start humming to the tune of the 80s! =))" ~ Abigail Anders

    The commenter’s URL appeared to be spam so I didn’t approve the comment but I felt it worthy of a response. I’m sure every major market in the US has radio hosts like that but Bob and Tom are the ones I’m familiar with and I do find their laughter during the bits, their rants and their inability to let a joke die to be tiresome and annoying. When it gets to be too much to bear, I DO change the station though I find many of the alternatives to be just as tiresome and annoying. Put on a record? While driving? Hum a tune from the 80s? Sorry but the 80s were pretty much a musical wasteland, at least for pop music. Lately, I’ve taking to listening to classical music on the radio, much less mindlessness.


  4. The solution I’ve been employing lately is just to turn the radio off while I’m driving. It’s kind of nice to not be entertained or distracted for 20 or 30 minutes.


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