Old Movies

Are there any movies that you absolutely loved when you were younger that you’ve watched again and found awful or ridiculous?

How much younger are we talking about? I still love the movies and TV shows that I loved as a kid. A lot of them are just as awful and ridiculous now as they were then but I still love them.

If any movie fits the question, it would have to be Deep Throat, the 1972 classic porn film starring Linda Lovelace. I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it. Watching it again years later, it seemed trite and dated. On the other hand, I still enjoy the classic films of Marilyn Chambers. She was a true porn goddess.


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  1. I recently found and watched Deep Throat and some classic Marilyn Chambers films in the Internet. Yes, DT did seem kind of dated and campy but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Marilyn Chambers’ films, on the other hand, are timeless. She was a true porn goddess in her day.


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