evolutionI don’t know if it’s due to our supposed superior intelligence, cleverness, intellect, or some other factor but I often find myself wondering if the species homo-sapien has de-evolved over the last century.

Overall, we are not as hardy as our ancestors. We are weaker, fatter and more susceptible to disease despite our spectacular improvements in sanitation, advances in medicine, and greater health awareness. We consciously and willingly introduce poisons and toxins into our bodies as we clamor for more of the same.

Ever since man first began to walk upright, we have been in a constant war against nature. As our technologies advanced and our numbers grew, nature has been looked upon as an obstacle to overcome, a resource to be consumed and a force to be conquered.

We have reached a point where we’ve carried this war against nature to our very persons. We consider everything that is natural about ourselves to be ugly or offensive — our odors, our skin, our shapes, even our hair (or lack of it). We constantly seek to mask, cover up, or alter our natural condition. We may well be the first species on this earth to make a concentrated and purposeful effort to bring about its own extinction since nature will ultimately have its way.

We need to coexist with Nature, not to conquer it. Eventually, nature always wins out. Food should be consumed for nourishment not for conquest. Gluttony is no longer a deadly sin, it’s a deadly competition – food must be defeated and conquered at all costs.

I’ve also observed that our reasoning skills have deteriorated over the generations. People generally seem to be incapable of thinking for themselves or making informed, logical decisions. Instead, we look to the popular media with its self-proclaimed pop authorities to tell us what we should be thinking. What trend am I following today, Oprah? Who do I blame for my problems, Doctor Phil? What group of people should I hate in God’s name today, Pat Robertson?

I’m not sure when mankind peaked but we definitely seem to be on the downhill slide now. We won’t need the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to lead us to the End of Days, we’ll do ourselves in and quite probably destroy the whole planet along the way.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.