Twitter Detritus (04-10)

And yet another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – RT @EmoPhilips: I’m not Catholic, but I gave up picking my belly button for lint.
  • 01 – Slow flow class while Abi attended the kids’ class. She really enjoys it. Afterward, dinner at Skyline with dessert. (Undid my yoga.)
  • 02 – Mel Brooks films on AMC. Missing words but sexual innuendo & off-color humor kept intact. Not like you couldn’t plug in the words.
  • 02 – Dr appointment was quick & easy. Out of there 40 minutes before my appointment. Just needed to renew my prescriptions. Gotta have my stuff.
  • 03 – Didn’t really feel like going to yoga this morning but that’s when I need it most so I went. I feel better having done it.
  • 04 – A nice Easter Sunday with the family. We assembled a swing set for the youngins. It’s good to be handy, I guess.
  • 05 – Need to make a trip to the local Waste Management Facility soon. Have a truck full of computer scrap. Still more in my closet.
  • 06 – Things are looking up. Mortgage Co. let me access my account today. Only a “former” deadbeat now. $$$ from trustee too. Now to win lottery.
  • 06 – A bit of landscaping today. Some day I hope to get around to some home improvement at my home.
  • 07 – has a truck full of sod destined for Degobah. Trying to keep it dry until tomorrow. Delivery will be interesting.
  • 07 – watched ‘The Buddha’ on PBS this evening. Very interesting and enlightening.
  • 07 – can’t watch TV because it’s raining. Satellite signals can’t find their way down to earth in a heavy downpour.
  • 10 – Challenging class this morning. Not a good day for arm balances, at least not for me. Headstand wasn’t happening for me either. Oh, well.
  • 10 – filled in more of Degobah, two truckloads of fill dirt
  • 12 – Hot yoga was, well, hot. I really do need to clean my mat before I do it again on Wednesday.
  • 13 – Birthday wishes from the grandkids make getting older a little easier to take.
  • 15 – Slow yoga tonight followed by dinner with my two favorite ladies. Life is good.
  • 18 – Enjoyed yoga this morning. Refreshing & relaxing.
  • 18 – My life isn’t really as glamorous as my web page makes it out to be.
  • 19 – Cat’s kidneys are starting to go. Get to stick her with a needle 2x a week to inject saline solution under her skin. Think she loves me now?
  • 21 – sucks at cooking eggs. Can do scrambled but fried eggs & omelets are frying pan disasters. Trying to be more self-sufficient.
  • 21 – is watching The Men Who Stare at Goats. Interesting, very interesting. I could see myself as a warrior monk.
  • 22 – Last night’s hot yoga was great. Very calming, very relaxing, very sweaty.
  • 23 – What was that yoga pose she put me in yesterday? On my belly twisted like a pretzel?
  • 23 – I gots a job! Start Monday.
  • 23 – watched Avatar. It was a decent movie.
  • 24 – The Dark Lord kept me up way too late trying to lure me to the Dark Side. Been there, done that, never again.
  • 24 – @penguingeek I knew Dayton was in Top 10 worst but # 4. We’re moving up in the world. Breathing is so overrated.
  • 24 – Why am I always required to be in a good mood and cheerful? I don’t remember that in my job description.
  • 25 – Spaghetti tacos – it’s what’s for dinner.
  • 25 – I don’t miss the person I used to be. I like the person I’m becoming. I have fond memories but I live in the present, moving forward.
  • 25 – I guess I oughta get dressed. Mama’s having people over. I really don’t understand the aversion to my natural state. I guess I’ll comply.
  • 29 – Saw a “Yellow Sign of Shame” on Troy Pike on my way home. Been there about a week. Gestapo willl be sending in Storm Troopers soon.
  • 29 – Heard on the radio recently… “Next up, the latest from Jimi Hendrix.” Oh? I didn’t know he was still recording.
  • 30 – Crossed the border into hypoglycemia but I’m OK now. Just came unexpectedly.
  • 30 – Enjoyed the Kirtan tonight, a new and different experience. Will have to attend more. Thnx Micheal & Melissa for hosting it.

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