Trying to help

Why is it that when you try to help people out, show them a little kindness and compassion, they repay you by trying to screw you over? Far too many people view kindness and compassion as weaknesses to be exploited. Actually, it takes strength and courage to do what’s right, to extend an act of kindness, and to show compassion because often that is going against the cultural norm, society’s expectation. It’s weakness to take what you think you can get away with, to put your own interests over and above doing what’s right. Selfishness, rudeness, disrespect are all weaknesses, not virtues.

If you wish to move forward with your life, there are things that you must leave behind you, particularly attitudes and behaviors that have no place in an improved person or environment. We can’t hold on to what we once were and expect to become something better. That’s counterproductive and self-defeating. To grow and change as a person, to mature, you must move forward and leave behind what holds you back. Change comes from within. To change your life you must change yourself, otherwise you come back to what you were. No one can make that change but you.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.