Twitter Detritus (03-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – Did the taxes. It’s not pretty. Hope the kids can pay me back soon. Any and all donations graciously accepted.
  • 02 – 17 Ridiculous Laws still on the books. Have to wonder why some of these were passed in the first place.
  • 02 – Shaving cream rubbed into bathroom mirror prevents steam from condensing on it. The things I learn watching BBC-America.
  • 04 – RT @nakedjen: Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Appreciate your friends.
  • 04 – Just watched “Howard the Duck”. Suddenly finding yourself in Cleve-Land can be very traumatic. I know.
  • 04 – Hot Tub Time Machine, I have no desire to revisit 1986.
  • 05 – Who Do You Think You Are (NBC) good show on genealogy. I wish I could travel to do it. Could spend months in the NE researching ancestors.
  • 06 – Quality time with the grandchildren this evening. Time with them is always quality time.
  • 07 – Almost 50 deg today. Washed car & truck. They look prettier. I’m sure they’re grateful.
  • 07 – Indicator lights on my laptop not working. May have to fix that some day, should be an easy fix. For now I can live with it.
  • 07 – @paulapoundstone I’m sure boxers & halter top will be just fine for the Oscars.
  • 08 – Self-checkouts add too much stress to my life. I prefer to avoid them if at all possible. Give me a moderately competent human any day.
  • 08 – @penguingeek I find them to be even less patient & more nit-picky than I am. Tend to be very accusing too.
  • 08 – @penguingeek Some days you can’t find a moderately competent human, especially at Wally World.
  • 10 – Acceptance does not imply satisfaction or approval. It is what it is. Make it better if you can otherwise, accept it for what it is.
  • 11 – Light at the end of the tunnel and, for once, it’s not an oncoming train. This chapter may soon be over.
  • 11 – D-I-L thanked me for help with recent plumbing crisis by taking me to lunch. That’s what I do. “To serve and maintain.”
  • 12 – My host seems to be down, hope it’s back up soon. The world needs to be connected to my stuff. OK, I need to be connected to my stuff.
  • 13 – We want entertainment in full color, big screen HD yet we look at real life in black and white on a small screen.
  • 13 – First yoga class in a couple of weeks. It was almost like starting completely over. Need to kick up my home practice a couple of notches.
  • 16 – Blood sugar is a bit high today. I was naughty last night and gave in to temptation. Have to be good today and get it down.
  • 16 – Spent a bit of quality time with the grandchildren. Abi is excited about going to a yoga class. I wonder if she’ll take over the class.
  • 17 – Sewed buttons on 2 shirts and the leg on a rabbit. Also did the dishes. I’m so domesticated.
  • 17 – Stupidity kills … but not enough to actually help.
  • 18 – Abi enjoyed kids’ yoga class while I tried something a little bit different, a slower paced, more relaxing yoga class. It was a nice change.
  • 20 – Attending the Wright-Patt BX spring fashion show today. 2 grandchildren in it. Missing yoga class but I’ll try to make up for it later.
  • 21 – Watching “American Beaver.” Interesting.
  • 21 – Learned that a well-groomed beaver is nearly waterproof. Did not know that.
  • 21 – Been fixing old blog posts, mostly updating links & stuff. Interesting rants, opinions & observations, many haven’t changed over the years.
  • 22 – Hot yoga tonight. Nice Salamba Sarvangasana and assisted full Urdhva Dhanurasana. Even Virabhadrasana I & II felt pretty good.
  • 23 – Dayton made the list of 10 worst allergy cities in the U.S. Yay Dayton!
  • 24 – Still going thru blogs, fixing links and updating. Good stuff, fun reading it again. Most opinions have not changed. Good or bad? I dunno.
  • 24 – Question 4.5 yrs ago – “Is yoga for me?” Why 4 yrs to check it out & answer it? Like other fave pastimes, should have done it sooner.
  • 26 – Jason & the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans on TCM. 4 hours I’ll never get back.
  • 27 – Watched Kids’ Choice Awards with my granddaughter. I think they should incorporate slime into Oscars, Grammies, and Peoples Choice Awards.
  • 28 – 34 years together, taking care of each other through it all. It’s what we do for each other that makes us happy. Oh, how I love her.
  • 29 – Hot yoga canceled tonight. I was really looking forward to it. I’m sure I’ll find something to do in its place.
  • 30 – Just watched Matthew Broderick episode of WDYTYA. Enjoyed it. Celeb ancestors are just as interesting as mine but who’d put my quest on TV?
  • 30 – I hate plumbing! Simple task has turned into a major project looking for a Rube Goldberg solution. All the pipes are in the wrong place.
  • 31 – Pretty good hot yoga class. Definitely needed it after afternoon under the sink. Similar positions but yoga is much more fun.

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