Thoughts on Food

I’m sure most people don’t watch (or not watch) television commercials the same way as I do. I generally mute them so at least my ears aren’t assaulted. I’d blank the screen to protect my eyes if I had some means of knowing when the program was back on (not that I’d really miss anything).

  • A lot of chain restaurants in their television ads display some massive amount of food and my reaction is, “There’s no way I could eat that nor would I want to eat it.” When I look at the spread in the ad, I don’t see a deliciously prepared meal with generous servings. I see heaping portions of fat, cholesterol, salt, carbohydrates, and more calories than I should consume in a single day, let alone one meal.
  • I don’t care if one fast food chain’s burger is bigger than some other chain’s. I just see it as a failed attempt to sell me more red meat and animal fat than I need in my diet.
  • Is there some sort of decree that chicken and fish must be battered and deep-fried? It was reasonably healthy food until it got breaded and tossed into boiling oil.
  • What’s with shows in the genre of Man v. Food? What logical reason would anyone have for devouring a 5-lb hamburger or a 32-oz. steak? Is food something to be conquered? Maybe back when we had to hunt for our sustenance but even then we only had to kill the animal, not devour it whole at one sitting.
  • How about those super-sized sodas? Who needs a 64-ounce carbonated, caffeinated beverage laden with carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid and high-fructose corn syrup? A 12-oz can is more than anyone needs. Don’t people realize what that stuff does to their bodies?

Just a little food for thought…


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.