Twitter Detritus (02-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – Choice between cabbage rolls and hot yoga. Culinary bliss won out over karmic bliss. Maybe I’ll do 2 classes Wednesday night.
  • 02 – The temp job is kinda mindless and repetitive but I’m OK with that right now. Doing it for a living? Probaby not. (No, not yoga stripper)
  • 03 – Great hot yoga class this evening. The yoga fairy smiled upon me tonight. Everything flowed, culminated by a near perfect shoulder stand.
  • 04 – Good yoga class tonight. Parsva Bakasana still unattainable. Salamba Sarvangasana was pretty good though.
  • 05 – So far the worst part of this “snow storm” are the idiots who still haven’t figured out how to drive in this crap. OMG! Snow in Ohio? WTF?
  • 05 – Can’t I rant in the privacy of my own room? Ignore anything you hear coming from there. Let me let off steam, OK?
  • 06 – Driveway is cleared. Heavy, wet snow. I’m good until more snow falls or a snowplow comes by. I didn’t miss this in Hawaii.
  • 08 – Is Matt Groening a nudist? I like Futurama’s positive treatment of casual nudity. Would love to visit the Nude Beach Planet.
  • 09 – Cleared drive & sidewalk after work. Will I have to do it again in the morning? Better to go to the snow than have the snow come to you.
  • 09 – According to Yoga Journal quiz the right form of yoga for me is Kundalini Yoga. I’ve tried it but didn’t seem a good fit. Take another look?
  • 10 – Just drifting snow in the drive. No point in shoveling it yet. The wind will just fill it up again. Sis, send some 64° weather my way.
  • 10 – Good hot yoga class. Small classes are great.
  • 11 – Good yoga class. Full back bend wasn’t happening but I did a rather nice headstand. Had a good chat with the owners too.
  • 12 – If you half-ass half-assery is it quarter-assery? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • 13 – Had a pretty good class this A.M.. Good workout, good sweat. Tired but refreshed. Famished too.
  • 14 – Quality time together today. Brunch at Fairborn Family Diner and grocery shopping. Who says romance is dead?
  • 15 – Long ago, in a faraway land, we ate pizza naked in the wee hours of the morning. Why? Because we were hungry.
  • 15 – Not much snow this AM. Cleared the driveway in anticipation of the next round. I do hope hot yoga is on for tonight.
  • 16 – Shoveled the driveway again. The mountains at the end of the drive are getting too high to throw the snow over. Had enough snow, thank you.
  • 17 – Didn’t have to shovel any snow today. Temps may get above freezing in the next few days. That would feel so wonderful!
  • 17 – Great hot yoga tonight. Towel helped keep the mat dry but need a longer one. Maybe I can put my sewing skills to use here.
  • 18 – Good yoga class. Some areas resist the natural yogic state a lot more than others. Some of that may be mental blocks I need to let go of.
  • 19 – I don’t know why Tiger Woods owes me an apology but if it will help him move on with his life then I forgive him. Now, Tiger, sin no more.
  • 19 – @gymnosophy I question clothing, I question authority, I even question my sanity.
  • 20 – Like I needed another blog. Adho Mukha Svanasana, getting down with the down dog.
  • 20 – Great class today. Even core work wasn’t too bad. Warrior poses still getting protests. I’m very tired, thirsty and hungry now. Lunch!
  • 20 – Why does it take so fargin’ long for my tweets to migrate to Facebook? Do they have to go through airport security or something?
  • 20 – Spent a lovely evening with my grandchildren. We had spaghetti, popcorn & hot cocoa (not all at once). Fun times, I treasure them.
  • 22 – RT @nakedjen: Life requires peace. Peace requires balance. And balance requires a certain amount of get-over-yourself. Amen.
  • 22 – As usual, installing a simple ceiling light is not as simple as it should be. Builders half-assed everything. Curse you, Mr. Huber!
  • 22 – Success! New kitchen light fixture installed despite half-assed electric box. Made it work. I am freakin’ awesome. Major self-esteem points.
  • 22 – Looking forward to B.K. Power Yoga tonight. Hope I can leave my ego at home so I can be in the moment and just let go.
  • 25 – Bryan Kest Power Yoga was awesome. Like his perspective. Asana portion left me sweat-soaked and tired. It was good, all good.
  • 25 – Good yoga class. Still seems to be a lot of resistance to my natural state.
  • 27 – doesn’t see much snow in his driveway but it still needs to be shoveled. Shouldn’t there be an app for that?
  • 27 – 1st instruction for bathroom shelf: “Assembly should be carried out by a qualified person.” Did it anyway. Never let that stop me before.

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