Moral Nudity?

Here’s a search term that led someone to my naturist blog: moral nudity. I’ve been trying to figure out how these words might go together but I have yet to find a connection.

Moral is not an adjective you can logically use to modify the noun nudity. Nudity is neutral, neither moral nor immoral, good nor bad. Morality is a value judgment best applied to behavior, intentions, or purposes, not to a physical characteristic or state. To say that it’s immoral to be nude is like saying it’s immoral to be poor, to be a sports fan,  live in a certain area, or to practice a certain faith.

I hear Christians talk of avoiding or not engaging in certain activities because it may cause others to “stumble and fall” into sin or temptation. How are we to know what might cause our neighbor to to be tempted? Wouldn’t it be better to show him a new perspective, change his attitude, or teach him how not to stumble? If someone falls prey to temptation because of me and that wasn’t my intention, isn’t that his weakness? And if I am aware of his weakness then shouldn’t I help him to overcome it rather than merely removing that which might tempt him?

Avoiding temptation doesn’t make us stronger. Learning to overcome and neutralize it so that it no longer tempts us shows real strength of character. I’ve faced and overcome many personal demons. I’m stronger for it and those demons no longer pose a temptation for me.

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Author: Rick

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