Twitter Detritus (01-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 — New Years Eve with the grandkids, The 3 Stooges, Spongebob, and Dick Clark. A good way to bring in the last year of the decade.
  • 04 — Hot yoga tonight. Not Bikram but plenty warm and sweaty! Enjoyed it.
  • 05 — Annual checkup with cute doctor went well. Wait, exam, lab, pharmacy all in under an hour. Now I can eat again!
  • 05 — Advanced class very challenging. Nylon shorts don’t work well for yoga. Better to be nude but rest of class would have a problem with that.
  • 06 — Hot yoga again. Would be good to do naked. Still a good workout even if it results in more laundry.
  • 07 — Test results back. HGB A1c down to 5.5%. Still need to work on HDL/LDL. Overall, looking pretty good.
  • 07 — Hot yoga again last night. Broke in new mat. Remember, sticky side up.
  • 07 — Braved the snow-covered roads to attend yoga class. Only 2 others showed. It was a good class. Which side is supposed to be the sticky side?
  • 09 — Good yoga practice this morning. My lower quads seem to be very resistant to my natural state, especially in Warrior & Triangle poses.
  • 09 — Got my butt kicked in Candyland tonight. 7-year-olds can be vicious.
  • 11 — RT @alyankovic: Happy “Binary Number 30” Day! (1/11/10) — October 10 is 42 (101010). Do you know where your towel is?
  • 13 — Two classes tonight, the usual and hot yoga. Yoga’d out.
  • 15 — Good yoga class yesterday. Handstands ain’t happening for a while.
  • 15 — Been reading old blog posts. Funny stuff. Have I lost the gift of sarcasm?
  • 15 — When I was but a wee lad, I never thought I’d be doing so much to keep my body working. “Without maintenance, everything falls apart.”
  • 16 — Instead of class this morning, I did yoga at home.
  • 17 — @Livsnaturist Thanks for the nipple radiation link. That made my day.
  • 17 — Livsnaturist @RevRick The least I could do. I love that post, it’s really funny. Keep up the posting!
  • 21 — Another challenging yoga class. Getting closer to doing a handstand. A long way to go on some others. Legs aren’t so flexible yet.
  • 22 — 1 year ago — the corporate chopping block and the dull ax of fiscal convenience. Witnesses all blindfolded. I’m not critical, not at all.
  • 22 — Ever think about what you could accomplish if you didn’t know you couldn’t do it? “Knowing” we can’t often keeps us from making the effort.
  • 24 — I almost feel bad that I accomplished nothing yesterday. I had such high hopes when I finally moved my ass out of bed. Oh, well.
  • 25 — Hot yoga tonight. I had no idea I could bend backwards that far. Potentially, I could have gone farther but something would have snapped.
  • 27 — Removed SFW links from blogroll that have essentially the same written content as their NSFW counterparts. MNB isn’t SFW anyway.
  • 28 — Last night’s hot yoga was good. Some toxins wanted to come out through places other than pores.
  • 29 — Relaxing & listening to Kristin Luna Ray’s Where Heaven Meets the Earth.
  • 30 — Good yoga class this morning, overcoming resistance to my natural state. Savasana was especially relaxing, as it should be. Namaste.
  • 30 — Still listening to KLR. Climb is a great song for savasana. Open to Grace is inspirational. She’s good live too.

Author: Rick

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