Winning the War, Revisited

There has been much talk about the full body scanners in the aftermath of the “Christmas bomber”. I’ve read much of it but generally haven’t gotten involved in the discussion. I’m opposed to them, not because some TSA employee will see a naked image of me but because I feel it’s another government intrusion of our persons, further erosion of basic rights and liberties, and a knee-jerk response with dubious effectiveness. I don’t feel they will make the friendly skies any safer.

Here’s a blog post of mine from August 15, 2006 in which I made a couple of tongue-in-cheek predictions. I was being sarcastic at the time but still…

Winning the War

“Because when we retain our dignity, the terrorists win.” — Blonde Champagne, August 2006

I think they’ve already won. They don’t have to kill us; they don’t have to blow up anything else. They have made us so fearful and paranoid that we can no longer act rationally. They can make us squirm, jump to new heights of inconvenience, and give up more freedoms simply by saying they’re going to blow up something in some new and novel way.

Soon we’ll all be flying nude after a mandatory body cavity search and relinquishing our dental fillings or dentures (how do we know they’re not explosive?). Your carry-on bags and your luggage will be flown ahead on a separate plane and the TSA will stamp the back of your hand so you can claim them, along with your clothing, at your destination. Meal service on all flights will be suspended and lavatories will be removed from all airliners because we all know how those plastic utensils can be used as weapons and you could be doing who knows what in the lavatory.

“We hope you enjoyed your flight and please fly with us again.”


I can really see this happening but what bothers me is that people will endure these measures in order to travel and use their frequent flyer miles. They will grumble but they will ultimately accept it as necessary in the war on terrorism. “If we stop flying, the terrorists win.”

# posted by Rick : September 02, 2006 7:39 PM

A Ban on Carry-On Luggage (NY Times Editorial, 09/10/06)

My prediction concerning the future of air travel may be one step closer to reality.

# posted by Rick : September 10, 2006 9:39 AM


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