Really Important Issues

Talking out my ass about the really important issues…

Should gay marriage be illegal?
No, marriage is a civil contract bestowing certain status and benefits on a couple. Why should anyone be denied status and benefits simply because of sexual orientation? That is, to put it succinctly, discrimination. If gay couples are married, it takes nothing away from my marriage or anyone else’s. My status, benefits and rights under the law are not diminished.
Should Tiger Woods convert from Buddhism to Christianity?
I don’t see any reason why he should. The pundits I’ve heard seem to believe that their particular brand of Christianity is the only “true” faith and have clearly and empathetically expressed their ignorance of other religions. Every major religion offers a means to achieve enlightenment and/or salvation, even if they don’t offer a personal savior or “get out of jail free” forgiveness.
Is the government and the media missing the point when it comes to terrorism?
Absolutely. The whole point of terrorism is to induce fear and terror. Terrorist attacks precipitate and maintain the level of fear. Al-Qaeda has been very successful in maintaining our fear and paranoia. The United States is a nation living in fear although I’m not sure who we should fear more, the terrorists or the government. In their abandonment of the Constitution, civil rights, due process, and common sense, I have more fear of the government. Al-Qaeda isn’t taking away our freedom, our own government is doing that as we hand it over to them in exchange for the illusion of safety. I can hear Ben Franklin and the other founding fathers saying, “We told you so.”
Should Pat Robertson be condemned for saying the Haitians deserved the quake and claiming they made a pact with the devil?
Maybe Pat Robertson should be condemned for being a pompous ass and a bigot. A natural disaster could just as easily befall his neighborhood. Would that mean he made a pact with the devil? (I suspect that he probably has.) Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, tornados and other natural disasters have been occurring on Earth since long before Man appeared and will continue to happen long after we’ve driven ourselves to extinction. It’s not God’s wrath, just the natural order of things. We’re just visitors here and we’ve abused our welcome.
Are you upset that Conan may no longer host “The Tonight Show”?
No, I’m not upset at all. In fact, I don’t give a shit. I’ve got more important issues to deal with. I don’t even watch NBC and I rarely watch network television at all.

Author: Rick

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