Going to Hell?

Are Atheists and Agnostics going to Hell?

The creator of this FaceBook poll makes the assumption that Hell does exist in some other plane of existence other than the one in which we physically inhabit. That may or not be the case. If your faith tells you that it exists then, for you, it exists. If your faith tells you that those who do not share your faith are going to Hell then, in your mind, that’s where they are destined. If your belief system precludes the existence of Heaven and Hell then it’s unlikely that anyone is bound for a place that doesn’t exist.

I don’t happen to believe that it’s your religion or your belief system that determines what becomes of your soul. What happens to your soul is dependent upon the quality of your earthly life and the growth of your soul. Every soul has the potential to reach enlightenment. The soul passes through many lifetimes and follows many different paths to get there but most souls, I believe, eventually reach their final reward. If Heaven and Hell do exist, they are surely only temporary stops on the journey. Everything in the universe changes, nothing is static.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.