Twitter Detritus

This month’s flotsam and jetsam fresh from the shipwreck of my mind (in 140 characters or less):

  • Don’t trust anyone who says, “We’re from outer space and we’re here to help you.” Like, who invited you anyway?
  • American culture is reactive. Even when we try to be proactive, it’s in reaction to something that’s already happened.
  • … Works Much Better If You Use Firefox Explorer. If You Use Internet Explorer You May Have A Few Problems.
  • At work I pass by acute dialysis every day. Where do I find obtuse dialysis?
  • Am I not allowed to ever get pissed off? Am I supposed to just bottle up my rage? Sorry, it has to flow.
  • Subjected to country music all morning against my will. It’s always involuntary, much like Metallica.
  • Dumb GPS directions: I-70 W to I-657 S to I-70 W. It wasn’t any quicker. If anything, much slower.
  • Retweeting @TanAllOver: Cracked me up In Italy, An Automatic Holy-Water Dispenser Did Father Guido Sarducci get royalties? (How about a communion wafer dispenser?)
  • Heard on news this AM that average age of Buick owners is 68. Confirms what I’ve said all along.
  • Technology and traffic are my biggest frustrations. Need to learn the Zen of dealing with them.
  • When exactly did having a cell phone and a laptop computer become an entitlement or even a necessity? How did I not see the memo on that?
  • What self-respecting, semi-competent technician does NOT bring his own tools? It’s like showing up for a marathon w/o your running shoes.
  • “Mult-purpose spoons” Spoons with more than 1 function. What will they think of next?
  • Why is “Longer Boats” by Cat Stevens stuck in my head? It’s a good tune to have stuck there, I guess.
  • Amused or bemused? Laugh or be angry? Tragic comedy or comedic tragedy? In my world it’s very hard to tell the difference.
  • Got maybe 1.5 hours sleep. Morning meditation & 2 cups of coffee helped. Blood sugar all messed up. Have to be good to myself today.
  • Restorative yoga class was great. I definitely need a bigger bolster. Suffering from bolster envy.
  • Wish I hadn’t returned USB floppy to the evil empire. Need it to F6 drivers for XP install on SATA drive.

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.