Life As Lunch

Here’s a bit of poetry I wrote many years ago.

Life as Lunch

I am sandwich.
And you, my friend, are apple turnover.
Is it by some act of Man or God
That we should meet here
In this world called Lunch?

I am salami as you are fruit pie.
Despite our outside differences
We are made from the same flour
And we shall churn together
In the same digestive tract.

And when we reach our final destination
We shall be one and the same,
Returning to the soil to bring forth a new life
In which I may be jelly donut
And you, my friend, pastrami on rye.

©1976, Richard Romig

The poem reflects some of my basic beliefs about the cycle of life, the idea that our existence is not just one shot at getting it right. Our souls (spirits) are reborn into different bodies in different circumstances to follow a variety of paths so that we can continually learn and ultimately achieve oneness with the universal spirit.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.