Training Bras

DailyTrainingBraWhen a girl reaches puberty and her breasts begin to develop, her mother generally takes her out and buys her a training bra. It’s a rite of passage for a young girl, a special moment of mother-daughter bonding.

Just what is the purpose of a training bra? Are breasts like wild animals that must be trained to live in captivity from the time they first begin to develop? Does the bra teach developing breasts to become dependent on straps and underwires by allowing the muscles that should support them to atrophy? Or does it train young girls to struggle to attain unrealistic body images and impossible standards of beauty as it enslaves her to the irrational whims of societal perceptions of modesty and sexiness. Is the training bra’s purpose to teach a young girl that her breasts are sexual playthings that must be hidden away except when she wishes to arouse sexual desire? Does it teach her to hate her body and feel shame toward it?

It would appear that a training bra serves no practical purpose at all except to propagate modesty myths and to be a symbol of her status as an up and coming sexual object. It teaches a young girl to be ashamed of her body and to become a slave to some misogynistic perception of womanhood.

I say let your breasts be free and unrestrained as nature intended. Girls, retain ownership of your breasts. They belong to you, not the randy men of the world.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.