I Voted

After work, I stopped by my local polling place and cast my votes. For the school board seats, I voted for those who had the least signage. It’s as goood a system as any, I guess. Local and state issues were a mixed bag. I voted for some and against others.

I was not in favor of the casino issue but not for the publicized reasons. I don’t see how building four casinos is going to solve the state’s employment and economic problems. They might create a few lasting jobs and generate some tax revenue but it’s a band aid at best. Why doesn’t the state do something that will attract new businesses and industries that will provide meaningful and lasting jobs?

For too many years, Ohio’s economy has been tied to the automotive and steel industries, two behemoth industries that never learned to adapt to changing markets and foreign competition. Apparently, the state government hasn’t learn to adapt either. Gambling is an attractive, shiny bauble and someone apparently wants to grab it (I suspect huge payoffs somewhere). Casinos are not a long-term solution and they’ll undoubtedly create far more problems than they solve. Given the state government’s track record, I’m sure there’s a lot of rubes buying snake oil there

Maybe someday there will be an election where I actually vote for someone or something as opposed to voting against an even less favorable alternative.

For instance, in the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, I didn’t vote for Kerry or Obama. I voted against Bush and neo-conservatism. In ’08 I thought I was starting to see McCain as more of a moderate Republican (and he may be) but when Palin got put on the ticket, he lost my potential vote. Lacking a credible third-party candidate, it went to the Obama/Biden ticket, the lesser of two evils.


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  1. I see that Issue 3 passed so there will be casinos in Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland. I still don’t think it was a good idea but I hope those 35,000 promised job materialize and go to Ohioans. What about the 16 or 17,000 construction jobs to build the casinos? Will they all disappear once they’re built? I hope it works out but I think we’d be better served by bringing new industry and productive businesses into the state. If we’re going to support the states economy on the sins and moral weakness of our citizens, how about legalized drugs and prostitution? How about a gluttony tax?

    For what it’s worth…


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