Critical Mass

Some days, I really find it difficult, in the face of absurdity, to remain calm and ask myself, “What would Buddha do?” Let’s face it, I’m not as Zen-like as I want to be and when faced with unbounded absurdity and absolute stupidity, my gut reaction is to shout out, “What the fuck are you people thinking!” Such reactions are not good for my blood pressure or my spirit.

Has thinking been outlawed in the United States of America? If so, I apparently didn’t get the memo. I know thinking was actively discouraged and sometimes subject to persecution under the Bush administration but he and Cheney have been out of office for nearly 10 months now. I guess old habits die hard and most Americans have forgotten how to exercise the gray matter between their ears.

Come on, folks! This is a new day and age. We have brains, let’s use them for their intended purpose. In all of human history, I don’t believe there has been as much stupid amassed between two oceans as there has been between the Atlantic and the Pacific in the last decade. How soon before we reach critical mass and explode? Maybe there will be a mass implosion from the accumulated vacuum of 300 million or more empty heads.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “Critical Mass”

  1. No, thinking hasn’t been outlawed… It’s dying out naturally.

    The moral majority is having their way. They remove sex education, remove birth control, and remove any way to reverse “accidents”. So, the dumbest members of society are the most likely to have “accidents”. They are also the least able to raise a child. How do you think all those children are going to turn out?

    It’s simple evolution with a morally-defined fitness function that encourages dumb.


  2. It’s a rant, just blowing off steam. It did have a point and it does relate to naturism. I see absurdity, stupidity, and the lack of common sense everywhere, in everything. Parents being persecuted for innocent naked baby pictures, teen sexting, obsessive complaining about bikini-clad baristas, the list goes on and on. All you need to do is take off your blinders and look around.

    Unfortunately, we live in a redneck culture. That’s the most accurate way to describe American culture — REDNECK — as in the glorious lack of sophistication. There’s always been a basic crude and unsophisticated edge to our culture but it seems to have mushroomed and run rampant in the post-9/11 era. During the Bush years, there was an obvious anti-intellectual atmosphere in religion, education and, most notably, government. It continues unabated, fueled by our fears and perpetuated by the advertising and entertainment media, the neoconservatives, and the fundamentalist religious zealots.

    Essentially, people aren’t thinking for themselves, they’re not taking responsibility for their own lives. They want to be spoon-fed their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. The people holding the spoons have their own agendas and it’s to their advantage to feed us disinformation, half-truths, and lies. As long as we remain stupid, they retain their power.

    I hope that clears things up.


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