Secret Girlfriend

The first half of Comedy Central’s new show, Secret Girlfriend was about all the stupidity I could handle for one evening. I was curious so I tuned in and I only suffered through the first half because of the train wreck effect; I was hoping to see something interesting. I didn’t. It’s just another poorly executed half-assed attempt at lame-ass frat boy humor from a network that doesn’t apparently know squat about “comedy” even though it’s in their name.

And speaking of lame, tonight’s new South Park episode was just that. I liked the premise of recently dead celebrities stuck in limbo being channeled through Ike but the execution fell apart about ten minutes into it. I think Trey Parker and Matt Stone are getting stale. The show has run its course.

I’m hoping the network didn’t have too much influence on The Jeff Dunham Show. He’s good, I’d hate to see a lame network bring him down.


Author: Rick

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