September’s Twitter Detritus

This month’s detritus in 140 characters or less:

  • Time to put pants on. I’ll get complaints if I don’t. Some who matter DO mind.
  • Can I declare karmic bankruptcy and have my karmic debt wiped out? Or will that destroy my karmic credit in the next life?
  • If I join a nudist colony, can I encourage the others to break free and fight for their independence?
  • Today’s quote: “The truth may set you free but first it’s going to piss you off.” – attributed to Gloria Steinem. I like it.
  • A brain supplement? I know of many who could use that. Wait, must have brain to supplement it. Oh, never mind then.
  • Flipping thru channels. Apparently Bigfoot is chillin’ near some small town in Oklahoma. He gets around but no one can find real evidence.
  • 2057 – will be possible to never be away from job. Is that a good thing? Probably not.
  • 2057 – Reassuring to know that in the future, computers will still crash & technology will still fail. But Big Brother will be more capable.
  • Are technology and simplicity mutually exclusive? Shouldn’t the purpose of technology be to simplify?
  • Trivial question. Are trivial answers worth 99-cents apiece? (Plus the cost of a text message)
  • How can I feel so listless when I have so many lists?
  • Watched “Angel On My Shoulder” (1946) – Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains. Good movie. Love the classics.
  • Fried chicken – Once you peel them, there isn’t much meat on them.
  • Reading @fireland‘s tweets. LMAO!
  • I prefer to eat my chicken naked.
  • Modern mantras: It’s not your fault. You have legal options. You may be entitled to compensation. You don’t have to change your lifestyle.
  • I suppose duct tape could be used to fix a broken heart. Makes sense to me.
  • Waiting for the DNA test results. Hopefully, it will prove that I’m not the mother.
  • I think the ice cream upset my stomach. Am I lactose-free intolerant?
  • Still distressed that inadequate eyelashes are a medical crisis. Cancer will have to wait. So many inadequacies, so little time.
  • “Nudism for me is part of my philosophy of life. Vegetarianism for me is a choice I decided to make.” You had no choice in being a nudist?
  • Is it wrong to look forward to a prostate exam, especially if the doctor is really cute? I’ll try not to grin too much.
  • It amazes me that someone can make millions singing in a nasal monotone. Even more amazing is that it’s considered music.
  • Yesterday was 289th anniversary of Mayflower’s departure from Plymouth, England. I’m so glad John Howland was rescued from the sea.
  • Quote: “I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.” — Jimmy Stewart in “Harvey”
  • Need to take care of all the crap I totally neglected yesterday. Am I in a downward spiral of extravagant self-destruction? Or just lazy?
  • Mark your calendars. September 30th is Blasphemy Day. Does Hallmark have a card for this? Shall I have a party?
  • Looked for athletic wear today. Vast majority was XL/XXL. Not much for those of us who have lost the weight or don’t want to wear culottes.
  • Today’s quote: “I’m a pragmatist, which means I think everybody is an asshole but me.” — Dennis Miller
  • got the grandchildren extra early today. Preemptive nudus interruptus. Good thing I’m not a vestiphobe.
  • Family Guy “The Road to the Multiverse.” was good. Will have to remember to switch off “shuffle.” Endless possibilities.
  • Bubba the Lovesponge? Sounds like a contraceptive.
  • The biggest problem of being a cynic and a skeptic these days? There’s too much to be pissed off about.
  • American Airlines: “We know why you fly.” OK, do you know why I’d rather NOT fly? I hate the process of flying.
  • ExtenZe – the official male enhancement product of NASCAR? (The ad has it all – race cars and hot chicks)
  • Blasphemy Day is almost over. Have you blasphemed today?

There you have it, flotsam and jetsam from the shipwreck of my mind.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.