Carrie Fisher Rant

carriephoto 14Carrie Fisher gets my vote for the best rant by an actress in a space opera trilogy.

If you don’t already know, I don’t put much stock in the aura of celebritihood, the tabloids, the gossip shows, or in celebrity words and thoughts. I’m too busy trying to keep my own world from imploding to worry about theirs. Although their worlds and my world are light years apart, I assume that many of them are really good, decent, down to earth people and all that crap you read and hear about them is just that, crap. Now and then I stumble across something that isn’t Hollywood, like Carrie Fisher’s blog, to confirm that assumption.

OK, she looked good in Star Wars and she looked particularly hot as Jabba the Hutt’s slave. But that was 30 some years ago. Time does not stand still for anybody. I loved her blog post. I love a good rant and can deeply respect someone who can deliver one with grace and eloquence. You’re OK in my book, Carrie! Oh, and you were great in The Blues Brothers and The Man With One Red Shoe. (Yes, there is more to life than Star Wars.)

I’ve been reading more of her blog and it’s very interesting.


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