Obligatory Annual 9/11 Rant

Quote of the day: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Sell not liberty to purchase power.” — Benjamin Franklin

Song of the day: Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die Rag
Artist: Country Joe & the Fish
Album: Woodstock
Released: 1969

It’s September 11th again. Once again, pundits, conspiracy theorists, and everyone else will debate every aspect of that catastrophic event. Eight years later, the truth still hasn’t been told and there’s still a great deal of finger pointing, speculation, and controversy over what transpired. I saw footage of the airliners crashing into the twin towers and I saw the towers fall on live television. I know what I saw but I have serious doubts about what I really saw. I’ve heard and read various versions and theories about what happened and I take it all with a grain of salt. If anyone knows the real truth, they’re keeping it a closely guarded secret. Sorting out the rest of it is nearly impossible. Nothing about 9/11 satisfactorily answers the inevitable questions, nothing adds up correctly.

I regard most, if not all, conspiracy theorists as crackpots and I honestly don’t believe our government is capable of telling the truth. I don’t doubt for a second that there are highly placed people in our government or in major corporations who are fully capable of sacrificing 3,000 plus lives to further their political or corporate agenda, people who are incapable of remorse or regret, people who truly believe the end justifies the means. One does not have to look very hard in current events or recent history to see the kinds of evil, despicable, heinous acts men are capable of inflicting on their fellow man.

Was Al-Qaeda a convenient scapegoat? Possibly. Were they set up by the CIA or someone with a political agenda to be the scapegoat? That’s another possibility. Did Al-Qaeda pull it off completely on their own? Again, a possibility although they almost certainly would have had to have political and financial backing from someone. Maybe it was our own government who brought the towers down? It’s all within the realm of possibility and probability. I don’t know, haven’t a clue. I won’t even hazard a guess.

A 9/11 rant wouldn’t be complete without a comment on the war on terrorism. They won. Or at least it would appear that they have. America changed that day. We became a nation consumed by fear and paranoia. We placed our liberty into the incapable hands of our government in exchange for the perception of safety and security. But are we any safer? No. If anything, we are less safe.

I fear my own government more than I fear Al-Qaeda. Terrorists can take our lives but the government can take our freedom and make it appear as though we gave it willingly while proclaiming we still have it.

Which is better? To live free or to live in fear? To live free means to live without fear and living in fear is living without freedom.


Author: Rick

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