Over already?

I see that the season finale of Comedy Central’s new show, Michael & Michael Have Issues is coming soon. It’s hard to believe that nearly the entire season has gone by and I have yet to see a single episode. What’s wrong with me? How could I have allowed that to happen?

Actually, it was quite easy. I have seen some of the promos and, frankly, I’ve been very unimpressed. And then there’s Comedy Central’s track record with “comedy” series (The Sarah Silverman Program, T-Bone and the Naked Trucker, Reno 911, the Comedy Central Roasts, and others). I’ve learned, often the hard way, not to expect much and I’ve rarely had my expectations exceeded.

Michael & Michael may very well have issues but I have issues of my own. I turn to a comedy network to find, well, comedy and it’s very disappointing to not find it where I would expect it. It’s sad when a comedy network doesn’t get comedy.


Author: Rick

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