Swamp Apes

Yesterday evening I saw a program that investigated sightings of the elusive Florida Swamp Ape (AKA Skunk Ape). One researcher believed that the Swamp Ape population had to be at least a thousand in order for the species to survive. This creature appears to be migratory and has been spotted throughout the state of Florida yet there’s no indication that it ventures into Georgia or Alabama. The swamp ape is apparently bigger than a man but smaller than its cousin, Bigfoot.

The whole thing has me puzzled. Despite the swamp ape’s apparent large numbers (over 1,000) and their alleged tendency to belong to pods of 10 to 12 swamp apes, they’ve only been spotted individually. The only evidence presented on the program was a few fuzzy photographs, a hair sample, and two radically different plaster casts of the creature’s footprint. One “researcher” spent six months in the Everglades looking for swamp apes before he managed to allegedly capture one on film.

In the program there was no mention of anyone discovering swamp ape dwellings or nests, remains or burial sites, or even fecal matter. And, apparently, no one has managed to capture one. Could it be that this creature is so clever that it can avoid traps and effectively camouflage its nests, the remains of other swamp apes, and its excrement? In a way this creature, and others (i.e., Sasquatch), is much more clever than we are. And if these creatures are so clever, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would have developed tools of some kind?


Author: Rick

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