Tyranny and American Exceptionalism

From the Café Philos blog — Tyranny and American Exceptionalism. Why is it that we Americans believe we are the exception to all the rules that govern other nations and that what happens elsewhere can’t happen to us? If you think about it, it’s a ludicrous belief.

Americans have a tendency to conceive of their country as an exception to the rules, or to the laws of human nature, that govern other nations. This notion is sometimes called the notion of “American exceptionalism”.

The notion that a free people can grant their government the power to imprison them indefinitely and without trial is absurd. There is nothing in the long history of our species to suggest that is at all possible, let alone likely. Any people who grant their government tyrannical powers will before too long enjoy a tyranny — says history.

The idea that we are a “free” people is another popular misconception that we hold dear. I didn’t vote for McCain because I felt he would be a continuation of the tyranny of George Bush. I had hoped that Obama would reinstate the Constitution. So far, I have seen very little change. It’s the same regime with a new face.


Author: Rick

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