June Twitter Randomness

Highlights of June’s randomness in 140 characters or less.

  • watched UFO Hunters again. This time Area 51. Yes, USAF has a need to develop systems in secret. Get over it. “Need to know.”
  • watched Tosh.0 on Comedy Central and found it quite lame. Comedy Central doesn’t “get” comedy. Go figure.
  • re: @alyankovic: No more Polka Grammys? It’s a sad day for music, no doubt about it. Where do we Slavs go to complain?
  • is watching The Corsican Brothers on Comedy Central. Cheech & Chong without drug humor, funny
  • watching firewalking across 1000 degree coals on Timewarp. No thanks, prefers his feet uncooked.
  • Family Guy or UFO Hunters? No contest, going with the more realistic show.
  • Aaaargh! Hate WordPress upgrades. Permissions are correct yet not correct. Blog is down.
  • blog is up and running now. Have no idea why it’s working. Why can’t I have a painless upgrade?
  • watching Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Two hours never to be had again.
  • Can’t spare 2 hours watching Jim Carrey being looney. Are lame comics on Comedy Central any better? Not much.
  • Got up at 9. still not feeling fully functional. Up until 3 working on research and organizing data. Getting too old to do that.
  • is feeling more functional this morning but still looking for motivation. Pretty sure it’s buried under one of those piles on the desk.
  • has been working on new content for genealogy site (obits). Knows more about dead relatives than living ones.
  • Gem City Hardware has closed. Where do we find stuff unique to Huber Homes? Lowe’s & Home Depot don’t have it. Bummer.
  • Nothing worth watching on TV last couple of nights. Just watched 1st season of Coupling again. I love that show.
  • is spending his Friday in the usual way, as God intended — NIFOC.
  • Poor air conditioner. It’s old & tired. No money to fix or replace, not this year. Long, hot summer ahead. May have to quit wearing clothes.
  • had Midnight at the Oasis running through his head this morning. Haven’t even heard the song recently.
  • is hungry but can’t eat until after giving up some blood for the cute doctor.
  • Off to see my cute doctor.
  • fasted for nothing, no blood drawn. Vitals OK. Doctor still cute.
  • My weed-eater, POS. Overly complicated simple design. Last one like that. Ever. Need one I can depend on. Wait, don’t make those any more.
  • In a dream, “kein Geld” was the only German phrase I could remember. Any significance? Real life prophecy?
  • New phones arrived. New technology to figure out = stress = frustration = anger = path to the dark side. Yoda didn’t have a cell phone.
  • M-L rep stopping by tomorrow to talk about wealth management. How do you manage what you don’t have? Nor likely to have soon?
  • Hot out today. Going naked sounds like a good idea. Wish I had a pool.
  • 2 hrs semi-inverted in dentist chair for root canal & filling. Gonna get some Vicodin! Yay!
  • The lidocaine is wearing off. Thank goodness for Vicodin. When does it kick in?
  • Gotta do something about shower. Tired of half-assed fixes. Looking for options.
  • Watched Ice Age, very funny with some poignant moments. Watching the second one now.
  • The Vicodin seems to be working now, after the second dose (at the recommended interval).
  • Life After People: Why is the entropy that occurs so disastrous? Who’s around to care? Just everything returning to its natural state.
  • Life After People: When the people disappeared, who was in charge of turning out the lights?
  • Fabreze ad: It stinks in here but don’t bother cleaning. We’ll spray it and mask the stench. Why clean up when we can bury it?

There was a lot of randomness this month. Maybe it’s not random at all.


Author: Rick

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