Random Tweets

This month’s randomness in 140 characters or less:

  • mowed the lawn. The Grass Gestapo is off my ass for another week.
  • Watched Blazing Saddles on AMC and only noticed 4 words unspoken. Other than that the movie was left intact.
  • wonders if there is a local ordnance regarding lawn gnome nudity. http://is.gd/tM3f
  • What’s with the guy on the Associated Tax Relief ad? He doesn’t blink! Ever! Gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • The Quiznos ad is also disturbing — “Yes Scott, put it in me.”
  • is off to pick up, deliver, and install a clothes dryer. “To maintain and to serve” that should be my motto.
  • dryer didn’t fit so had to take it back. It was either that or move the wall.
  • has realized his purpose in life. He is a maintenance man, like his father before him. He just maintains different things, that’s all.
  • is preparing for his Futurama fix, followed by some other stuff, finishing off with The Family Guy. Quality entertainment.
  • got a request from a robot to join his network on LinkedIn. As if!
  • PC meets MS min requirements for Windows 7 RC, meaning I only have half the speed and memory I need. Downloaded it anyway.
  • hasn’t found a compelling reason to… just haven’t found a compelling reason.
  • AF 1 on Discovery: I take my coffee the same way as Dubya — black with Equal. Scary, huh?
  • “Think with your dipstick.” That has almost always gotten me into trouble.
  • Check Engine light – why not display the code too? We have the technology.


The Air Force 1 program was on NatGeo. It scares me that we have a coffee preference and direct ancestors in common.


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One thought on “Random Tweets”

  1. “AF 1 on Discovery: I take my coffee the same way as Dubya — black with Equal. Scary, huh?”

    I no longer share the Bush coffee preference. I no longer use Equal. I’m convinced that stuff is toxic. (Much like the former President’s policies.)


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