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Ever since I was a child I’ve wondered what the Easter Bunny and colored eggs had to do with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Well, I’ve finally come up with a theory which may seem blasphemous and heretical but here goes.

When Jesus was placed in the tomb there were no stones large enough to seal the opening but there were several large colored dinosaur eggs (Some Biblical scholars speculate that Jesus may have actually ridden dinosaurs during his ministry.) Joseph of Arimathea had his people roll one of these eggs in front of the tomb to seal it.

Very early on the third day, a large rabbit was sent by the Lord to roll away the giant egg so that Jesus could leave the tomb when he was resurrected. Later, when Mary Magdalene and the other women arrived to anoint the body, they, of course, saw that the egg (stone) had been moved and the tomb was empty.

Naturally, the part about the rabbit and the egg was conveniently omitted from the Gospels. The early Christians were having enough problems convincing people of the virgin birth and the resurrection. Trying to explain the rabbit rolling away the dinosaur egg would have hurt their credibility, so the egg was changed to a stone and they left people to speculate how it got moved.


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