Writer’s Block: Controversial Interrogation Techniques

Do you think controversial interrogation techniques should be used to get key intelligence from alleged terrorists? When, if at all, could it go too far?

Absolutely not. Controversial interrogation techniques (aka torture) are barbaric, unnecessary, and ineffective. Using these methods of interrogation generally only results in the confession the interrogator wants to hear. At some point the victim will confess to anything just to put an end to it. Nearly all experts in the intelligence community and the military agree that torture is ineffective. It’s only politicians who give it any credibility.

We should be setting the standard for human rights and humane treatment, not giving the rest of the world even more valid reasons to hate us. Who will we use these methods on next? First it’s suspected terrorists, next criminals in our own justice system. If torture is allowed under “any” circumstances, what’s to stop the government (i.e., the police and the military) from using these methods on ordinary citizens whose only crime is holding different beliefs.


Author: Rick

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