Parallel Parking

I watched a program on the History Channel last night where scientists were explaining the existence of parallel universes and other dimensions. They got into quantum mechanics, string theory, and a bunch other science stuff that was way over my level of comprehension.

The gist of it was there are (theoretically) an infinite number of parallel universes, each a replica of the others but with slight differences to cover all possibilities. If I have a thought or make a decision, those neurons behave like electrons and can be in multiple places at once so the thought is passed on to the me in the other universes and each perceives and acts on it differently.

So, it’s quite possible, actually it’s a certainty, that in some other universe there’s a copy of me that has a good job, is quite happy, and running around nude. Meanwhile, in another universe, I’m a big rock star, and in yet another I’m a successful photographer. Of course, there’s a universe out there where I had sex with Suzette Brown back in 1972. Cool.

They also talked about other dimensions that coexist with the three we’re familiar with. And supposedly, there is life in these dimensions but we can’t detect them just like they can’t detect us. I suppose it’s possible that now and then there’s some crossing over between dimensions. That could explain some things, I guess.

If nothing else, the show had cool graphic effects to demonstrate the theories. I had some trouble following it and thinking about it makes my brain hurt. I guess being pan-dimensional could get pretty confusing.


Author: Rick

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