Random Thoughts

Here are just a few of the random things that fired synapses and lingered a while at the bar.

  • Imagine Wonder Woman with PMS. She has that lasso of truth, there’s no telling what she might ask you and you’d have to tell the truth.
  • Seen in an ad for a video game: War. Perfected. WTF? How can war be perfected? A perfect war would be one in which no one died, nothing was destroyed, and no lives were disrupted. The perfect war would be no war at all.
  • eHarmony claims to find matches based on compatibility. Can you really base a relationship on compatibility?
  • Use callipygian in a sentence. As she walked away from me, I could see that she was callipygian.
  • Which is better? To be free from depression or to be free of the symptoms?
  • Why don’t people want to see nipples? It’s the best part of a breast.
  • The GEICO gecko is a nudist.
  • Random Futurama snippets:
    • Half mad, half insane imbecile
    • That poor demented honky
    • Conspiracy to commit public nudity
    • High viscosity baptismal oil
    • Simulcast on crazy people’s fillings
    • Fathers Against Rude Television
    • “You’ve got the poon, Miss Wong”
    • “In your face, you recumbent urinators!”
  • Serial masturbator
  • A mermaid covers her breasts with an algae bra (but why?)
  • Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Damned good question.
  • I still haven’t seen I am Curious, Yellow. Guess I’ve never been that curious.
  • Nudity with impunity
  • Christmas cards for atheists?
  • Superior drinkability … What the hell does that mean?
  • Mantra for the 21st Century: “It’s not your fault.” Well, whose fault is it?
  • Tired of your birth control routine? (Yeah, abstinence sucks.)
  • Vaginal ring? — Have you tried Summer’s Eve with new improved scrubbing bubbles?
  • Saw a TV ad for “Vaseline for Men” — That’s so wrong on so many levels.
  • Jehovah’s Witness protection program
  • Warren Zevon wrote a lot of great songs. Werewolves of London was just the most commercial. It would be nice if radio stations played the other songs on the albums.
  • When did owning a laptop become a birthright?

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

One thought on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Many of those random thought still pass through my mind.

    Many of my best friends are recumbent urinators.

    I’m always conspiring to commit public nudity.


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