Happy New Year!

Song: Year Of The Cat
Artist: Al Stewart
Album: Year Of The Cat
Released: 1976

Today’s Quote: “2008, good riddance!” ~ my New Year’s toast, Jan 1, 2009

At this time I would like to wish my readers a Happy and successful new year.

I probably won’t look back on 2008 and remember it with a great degree of fondness. It was just another year in my personal Hell. It wasn’t all bad, there were some bright spots and some good to come out of it. So, it wasn’t a total loss.

I went through some changes last year, mostly for the better. My views on a lot of things — politics, religion, naturism, health — changed. I won’t go into it here. There were also some positive physical changes as well. Since April, I’ve lost two stone and I’m confident I can lose another stone by April and reach my target weight of 12 stone. Of course, there were many things that remained more or less constant and unchanged. Maybe some of these things are unchangeable.


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