Nekkid on the Net? It’s really no big deal.

Yawn! Another distressed (undressed) Disney damsel in the news. Yawn!

That’s right, another hot young Disney starlet’s nude (or semi-nude) pictures have leaked onto the Internet. First there was Vanessa Hudgens’ nude selfie, then Miley Cyrus showing some back, and now it’s Adrienne Bailon’s tattooed ass.

There must be a lesson to be learned here. If you’re going to have naked pictures of yourself on your computer that you’d rather not be public, put them in a password protected archive or encrypt your entire drive. Better yet, don’t keep them on your computer at all. Might even be a good idea not to take them but who can resist the thrill of snapping a few naked pictures of yourself with your cell phone or digital camera? But if you’re underage, it may be a felony to photograph yourself in the nude or for someone to accidentally see it.

The only thing I found interesting about the Bailon photo was that her laptop was ransomed for a paltry $1,000 and the photos were “missing.” Why did the perpetrator feel the need to delete them when copying them would have been less work and would have gone unnoticed? It doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes I wonder if these nude photo incidents are planned by Disney. Does anyone really believe the squeaky clean Disney image really exists? Can anyone over the age of 15 actually be that pure and chaste? Then again, in America there is a tendency to believe that actors are really the characters they portray.

Vanessa and Adrienne are adults and presumably capable of making decisions about what they do off the set. If they want to take nude photos of themselves for their boyfriends, that’s fine. If they want to share them with the rest of the world, that’s fine too. Naked pictures just aren’t a big deal and having a nude photo of yourself on the Internet doesn’t have anything to do with your morality or your character. All it means is that we don’t have to imagine what you look like naked.

[Edit ]

It turns out that the Adrienne Bailon photo leak was a publicity stunt after all although the Disney organization didn’t seem to be behind it. I had thought the circumstances were more than a bit suspect.


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