Remember a Veteran

Song: The Ballad of Ira Hayes
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian
Released: 1964

Today’s Quote: “It means nothing, absolutely nothing.” ~ Charlie Chaplin, when asked by Albert Einstein what it meant that they were both surrounded by screaming fans

My leaves are now waiting patiently along the curb for the city trucks to come by and suck them up. They started at the south side of town yesterday so they may get to my street by Thanksgiving if I’m lucky. Moving them seemed to go a lot easier this year. I used both the rake and the blower, mostly the blower today. In the backyard, I made a huge pile and gathered them up in a tarp to carry them to the curb. I lost track of how many trips it took but I was so glad to see the last load get added to the pile that stretches between my driveway and the neighbor’s.

I still need to clean out the gutters but that’s a job for another day. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend if I’m not putting up siding or giving my employer an additional ten percent (for no additional pay).

You were probably expecting another Veteran’s Day rant but I don’t feel it this year. A friend in California sent me a tweet about a sign saying, “Veterans get 1/2 off” and they asked him for his military ID. Do people even know what a veteran is? No wonder we can’t get a break. Maybe he should have shown them his DD 214 but they wouldn’t know what that was either.

There are veterans from wars and conflicts other than Bush’s war. People just have no knowledge or concept of history. If it didn’t happen within the last couple of years, it’s irrelevant. We’re doomed.

It looks like you got your rant after all.


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