TS or GD?

Another presidential election is coming up and we are faced with essentially the same choice that we’ve always had since Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory Barry Goldwater in 1964 (the earliest election I can remember). We must choose between a turd sandwich and a giant douche. And, as usual, it’s difficult to tell from the rhetoric which is which. There isn’t a perfect candidate so we need to vote, hopefully, for the direction we want the country to take.

Sarah Palin NudeSarah Palin Naked

There’s another nude painting of Sarah Palin out. I’m not particularly impressed with Governor Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate but I have to agree with Australian artist Jenny Rosenbaum (referring to the painting on the right): “Oh yes. This time it’s a painting created by infamous Australian artist Pricasso (Tim Patch). Guess what he paints with? The piece is artistically better, the composition, posing and coloration are more dynamic and fluid. but my statements from before still stand. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter and I am not particularly offended by this piece or the technique involved, but I do wonder if she would be lampooned and, yes, even objectified this way if she wasn’t female. I feel that works like this reinforce the notion that she’s a colossal joke because she’s a chick. Don’t get me wrong – I still think she’s a colossal joke, just that her gender isn’t the cause. I think everyone is getting caught up in her femaleness and that can only hurt female politicians who aren’t, actually, colossal jokes.”

Should the Democrats have equal time? I really wouldn’t have a problem with a nude Joe Biden, not at all. A naturist on a Presidential ticket might be a good thing. John Quincy Adams and Lyndon Johnson were known to have enjoyed skinny-dipping regularly while in office.

I’ve made up my mind and the last minute mailings, phone calls, rallies, and town hall teleconferencing isn’t going to change it unless there’s some really terrible last minute revelation. I want a change in the way this country is run, a change in American attitudes towards just about everything. I don’t expect these changes will occur in the next four years (which seems to about as far ahead as a politician can look) but I’m hoping we can start moving in the right direction. If we continue on our present course, a look at world history can give you an idea where we’re going. It’s happened to other great nations and it would be foolish to believe it can’t happen to us.

Author: Rick

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