Agents of change?

“America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights.”
Clarence Thomas

Both McCain and Obama are promising major changes if elected. What changes will actually occur after Inauguration Day is hard to predict, no matter which candidate is elected. Promising change is one thing, actually bringing it about is another. As George Stephanopolous once said about President Clinton: “The President has kept all of the promises he intended to keep.” What promises do this year’s candidates intend to keep if elected?

Since this election is about change, I found myself wondering how their proposed changes and plans might affect us as nudists and naturists. Does either candidate have a position on nudism, naturism, or nude recreation? If so, what is it? What sort of changes would we like to see implemented? As President, would either be nude friendly? For instance, would either be favorable to designating some public lands for nude recreation?

One change I’d like to see is an end to the radical, reactionary neo-puritanism that has swept the country over the last eight years. We need to usher in a new era where logic, common sense, and rational thinking prevail over blind faith and obedience, where the following the spirit of law is more important than strictly enforcing the letter of the law, where laws are enacted to protect our rights and freedoms, our lives, and our property, not to criminalize petty annoyances. I want to see the Constitution reinstated as the law of the land.

Realistically, I don’t see either candidate bringing about the kinds of political or cultural changes I want to see in America. If McCain and Obama are sincere about want to bring about change, they have a formidable battle ahead of them. Bureaucracies are very resistant to change and nearly impossible to remove. Unless there is a radical shift in American attitudes and in the willingness of the average citizen to take responsibility for anything, I don’t see much change taking place. Call me a pessimist or a cynic if you will but that’s how I see it. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, that’s something to hope for.


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One thought on “Agents of change?”

  1. Five years later and into Obama’s second term, I see that I was correct in what I posted. Very little has changed. America still acts out of the fear that pervades every aspect of society and government. Bush’s monolithic bureaucracies still loom over us. Civil liberties eroded by the Bush administration have been further eroded under Obama’s regime. Nearly 12 years after 9/11, we still live in fear and despite our claims to the contrary, freedom in America is still a fantasy for most Americans. Special interests and corporations still control the puppet strings of our Congressmen and Senators. Only faces and names have changed, everything else has stayed pretty much the same.

    As long as we hold on to our fear, we will not know freedom and the changes that need to be made will not come about.


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