Obligatory Election Year Political Comment

Song: Elected
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Released: 1973

Today’s Quote: “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

That quote succinctly sums up at least the last three American Presidential campaigns. It would seem that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have many substantial political arguments in their arsenals. In November it will be another election where the hoi polloi will vote based on personal feelings and emotion rather than any solid information on which they can apply logic. Is either candidate offering any real information that can be analyzed and used to make an informed decision? Is the minority of the population who does vote even looking for anything on which to cast an informed vote?

I’m guilty as charged. I don’t stay as informed as I should. It isn’t easy sifting through the bullshit. In the last few elections I’ve found that I’m not usually voting for a candidate or an issue. Rather I find myself voting against a candidate or an issue. Often, the best choice is not on the ballot so I must try to choose the option that I feel will be less detrimental., the lesser of two evils. In the voting booth, there are very few real choices although I’ll often vote against the incumbent candidate or party just to give someone else a chance to screw things up. I know it’s not very scientific but it works for me.

And whoever gets elected, please abolish the Department of Homeland Security. It’s just another cumbersome, slow-moving, ineffective bureaucracy that consumed several previously more or less well-functioning organizations and crippled them. I’d also like the next President to reenact the US Constitution. It’s more than a “goddam piece of paper.” It’s the cornerstone of our nation.


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One thought on “Obligatory Election Year Political Comment”

  1. As the 2012 election draws ever nearer, I note that my requests for the Department of Homeland to be abolished and the U.S. Constitution to restored as the basis for our government have both gone unheeded.

    It would seem that if Mr. Obama is reelected, my requests will still go unheeded and if Mr. Romney is elected, I don’t feel that he has any interest whatsoever in fulfilling my requests.

    We need new leadership rather than the same leadership with different names. Jefferson was absolutely right as were the other founding fathers. We can’t say they didn’t warn us.


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