Once toxic waste, now OK

Song: Stand By Me
Artist: Ben E. King
Album: Don’t Play That Song
Released: 1960

Today’s Quote: “This country’s obsession with not uttering naughty words and not talking about s-e-x is borderline psychotic. Strike that, it is psychotic.” ~ Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture and television at Syracuse University in a commentary about why the major networks are having trouble competing against cable and satellite.

I’m not sure what the occasion was but they gave free access to the soda machines at work during lunch so I went to see what offerings were available. The only sugar-free beverages were Diet Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew. I had tried Diet Mountain Dew about 20 years ago and my initial assessment of it was that it tasted like something akin to toxic waste. Well, I gave it a try today (since it was free) and my opinion of it has improved substantially. It really didn’t taste that bad. Now I have one more sugar-free option at my disposal. I can’t stand the taste of Diet Coke and I find Diet Pepsi to be somewhat tolerable. Diet MD, on the other hand, actually tasted rather pleasant.

The ads say Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper but they don’t say what they’re comparing it with. I suppose Diet Dr. Pepper does taste more like Dr. Pepper than, say, urine or even Diet Coke. Hmm, a taste test between Diet Coke and urine. That would be a tough one to call. Of course, when I first tasted Diet MD, twenty-some years ago, I would have declined it in favor of urine. Tastes change, I guess.


Author: Rick

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3 thoughts on “Once toxic waste, now OK”

  1. Diet Dr. Pepper is really pretty good. The best diet drink out there is diet A+W Rootbeer. I’m not a fan of diet pepsi at all, but the diet coke with lime really cuts down on the diet taste, and the new coke zero is really a big improvement. They’ve got a cherry coke zero out now, too.


    1. I actually haven’t tried very many diet sodas, especially since I rarely drink soda at all these days. I’ll have to sample your recommendations. The Diet Dr. Pepper commercial always bothered me because they made a comparison but never indicated to what they were comparing it. The statement “…tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper” implies that it tastes more like it than something. But what? I’m sure Diet Dr. Pepper does taste better than urine. At least I hope it does. Diet Mountain Dew used to taste really nasty.


  2. I’ve given up all soft drinks completely. I essentially consider them to be highly toxic and poisonous. They are of absolutely no benefit to anyone. Diet sodas are even worse than regular soda. No one should drink it.

    I’d rather drink urine than soft drinks. Urine is actually healthier.


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