Double-Secret Probation

Song: Let It Ride
Artist: Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Album: Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
Released: 1973

Today’s Quote: “What do I know about sex? I’m a married man.” ~ Tom Clancy

Did I ever remove Wendy’s from Double-Secret Probation? I didn’t think so. Well, I’m going to keep them on the list a bit longer. I chose a nearby Wendy’s for my noon repast today and, while it was a pleasant dining experience, there were a few things that stand in the way of clearing their name. Before going to lunch I studied their nutritional information and decided beforehand what I was going to eat, taking care to keep the carbs under 60 grams. I chose the Ultimate Chicken Grill sandwich (36 grams) and a small chili (19 grams). I added a packet of two saltine crackers (4 grams) to the mix for a total of 59 grams. Success! For my beverage, I had unsweetened iced tea to which I added Sweet ‘n’ Low because all they had to offer was that or sugar. I made a note to myself to carry a couple of packets of my own sweetener just in case.

The chicken was just a bit bland. Maybe I also need to carry along a few assorted spices to zest it up a bit. Still, it wasn’t bad. The chili, however, was a disappointment. It was more like spicy ground beef soup than any chili I’ve had anywhere. Most of the chili I’ve had at Wendy’s has been pretty good so what happened here? Is it a cost cutting measure?

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience although the points taken off for the chili and an insufficient selection of artificial sweeteners kept them on Double-Secret probation. Better luck next time, Wendy.

And, speaking of chicken, I’ve modified my life-long dream a little bit. Not only am I going to have a boneless chicken ranch in North Dakota, the chickens will also be skinless. By special request, there will also be a small herd of lemon-herb skinless, boneless chickens. I just wanted to reassure Mandy that the dream is still alive.


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