Generational Rant

We progress culturally and socially if each succeeding generation is more enlightened than the generation that preceded them. I find it troubling that I haven’t seen that happening in my lifetime. There are certain elements of our society and many individuals who have shown they are more enlightened than those who preceded them but, overall, as a society it hasn’t happened in several generations. Instead of becoming more enlightened, succeeding generations seem to have become more ignorant and more self-absorbed. They are less tolerant and more irrational. They’re more willing to eat shit and like it. In fact, they seem to crave it and demand more.

Which generation is leading us headlong into the 17th century? It’s the same generation that gave us Woodstock, free love, and “Let it all hang out”. What the hell happened to them? What happened to their ideals? Somehow that generation has become more uptight than the generation they rebelled against back in the sixties.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

One thought on “Generational Rant”

  1. What happened to the generation that gave us Woodstock? They sold out. They became soulless men and women in suits. They sold their souls. They became The Man. They didn’t know what the fuck they had.


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