Real Men of Genius

Song: Back Off Boogaloo
Artist: Ringo Starr
Album:Blast From Your Past
Released: 1972

Today’s Quote: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” ~ Henri Bergson

Let’s hear it for the guy who figured out that companies could sell products with their corporate logo on them for outrageous prices, thus providing these companies with free advertising in addition to revenue streams. What’s really amazing is that not only did this idea fly but people actually flocked to the marketplace to purchase these products. Isn’t free enterprise wonderful?

And how about the genius who came up with the idea that gas stations should charge the public for air with which to fill their tires? Air is essentially free and the overhead involved in owning and operating an air compressor is negligible. Most gas stations charge either 50 or 75 cents for three minutes worth of air. If they get only one customer a day paying for air, they’ve probably recouped their costs.

How about a big hand for these unsung marketing geniuses. SA-LUTE!


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One thought on “Real Men of Genius”

  1. What’s really funny is the logo thing is exactly what Adam spent the majority of our time at the Mall ranting about.
    You two think so alike you could be related or something.


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